Monday, April 30, 2012

Y is for Opps

SO...I was on program all last week, teaching and doing awesome (and appropriate things) with middle school students. We went to Philadelphia, DC, Williamsburg, Jamestown and New York.

In all of that time I learned a very good lesson. Which is, I don't understand how auto post works. Which means, a few of my posts didn't make it up.

V is for Vraden--about some crazy evil monsters living in the world Sacrifice (current WIP) is taking place in.

W is for Elements--about wind and perhaps destruction

X is for Broken--about breaking bones and Xrays

Y is for Opps--which I actually never wrote.

I'll get these up today, hopefully...that way if your interested you can read through them before you get to Z which is for The end.

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