Monday, April 30, 2012

W is for Elements

I feel a kinship to the wind. I'm not sure why, I've always considered myself to be more of a earth elemental. Steady, Stubborn, not easily changeable. But I'm drawn to the wind.

My favorite weather is right before a storm, not a drizzle but a proper run for shelter the earth might end storm. When the wind is whipping about you, caring an electric feeling. When the leaves on the trees turn upside down, welcoming the new weather, or the water the wind brings.

I used to love watching lighting from a roof top, or a car, driving about on the empty near apocalyptic roads that tornado warnings would bring in the south. When the wind rocks the car as you grab the steering wheel fighting to stay in control.

I think it might be the pure destructive force. Or the force, regardless of whether its destructive or not. Wind doesn't stop. Even when it hits something it can't push down, or pull up, or tare away. It keeps blowing ahead, and when it hits an unmovable object, it just changes course. It's a lot like water that way.

But wind can be still too. Like that deep breath after a long sudden push, when everything stops, and holds still. Just for a second. Right before everything changes again. The breath of a moment, when everything is so clear, you can almost see the future...

Am I a freak, or do you feel anything like that, regarding any element?

Do you use weather in your writing (for you writers)?

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