Monday, July 25, 2011

Demo What?

Dear Congress,

I will not vote for a single incumbent if you dont get your shit together and work WITH each other. Thank you.

You know, as smallish children in preschool/kindergarten/etc we are taught some basic things, like how to write our names, and the alphabet, depending on your generation you might also be made to memorize things like your home phone number and address.

Sharing however, is pretty universally taught. And for good reason to. Throughout your entire life you are asked to share things, idea's, food, money, crayons...even fictional characters occasionally share things. Often times the bad guys are characters who are actually people trying to avoid sharing things, or deliberately going about and trying to make someone else look bad. Take for example Sauron, he was definitely not good at sharing, as his parents made him skip preschool, and jump right into first grade.

I am not sure if I could successfully fictionalize what the American congress is doing right now, but you know its bad when the Onion doesn't really have to make things up.

I know this isn't exactly "writing related" but damn.

Over and out. Working on two real posts right now.


  1. You should print this out and hand it out in DC. :)

  2. I think congress needs to be grounded.

  3. Oh my God! I soooo agree!

    I'm a middle-of-the-roader, a Republican that leans to the left. Both parties disgust me equally right now. They so need to learn how to play nice together.

    It all seems to be about one-upsmanship these days. Nothing ever seems to get done. We seriously need an overhaul to our system. This two-party thingy just ain't workin'.

    Anyhoo, just found you via LG Smith. Thought I'd follow along, if that's okay with you. Feel free to swing on over to my neck of the woods someday soon. And it's real nice meeting you, Cutie.

  4. Yes, L.G.'s spreading word about you. :-)

    I'm trying to stay out of politics, otherwise I'd have to face our own abysmal situation.

    On another note, I wonder if maybe we put so much emphasis on sharing (in education, society, ...) because it's not in our nature. Just wondering.

    Anyway, lovely to meet you. :-)