Friday, April 20, 2012

S is for ME!

So, I’m hoping that you guys know my name...maybe, I think its somewhere on this blog. In case you didn’t know my name, it’s Sara, which I know is hebrew for princess (betcha didn’t know I was royalty).

So because I’m feeling wholly uncreative, I blame dehydration and middle school students, I decided S would be for Sara. And I’m going to tell you a few silly perhaps and uninteresting facts about myself. You know, for fun. 

  • I believe my family is evil, (I know earlier I said I don’t believe in evil, but whatever). Were not the bad kind of evil though, were the good kind of evil, were like cockroach evil. Nothing can destroy us, or at least, not the things that destroy other people. Here is the evidence:
    • My dad has been smoking cigarettes since he was 14, and I’m not talking casual smoking, I’m talking chain smoking (although he’s gotten better about that) and he has no sign’s of lung or other cancer. In fact, he runs about three miles a day.
    • My mom drinks, like blackout drinks, every single night. Her liver and kidneys are perfect.
    • Both me and my mom are on high sodium diets. We have ridiculously low blood pressure. Like go into shock for no reason blood pressure. Apparently a high sodium diet helps this.
  • I’ve been hit by five cars.
  • I’ve broken 13 bones (none from getting hit by cars) not counting hands, feet or ribs (don’t count hands feet or ribs in broken bone competitions its cheating)
  • I used to teach horseback riding/ train horses/etc.
  • I actually kind of like teaching Middle School, which is weird cause Middle School students are pure concentrated balls of hormonal evil. Middle schoolers don’t even like middle schoolers, if you dont believe me, think back to when you were one.
  • I knit.
  • I believe I’d go completely insane, like batshit crazy (although whey they don’t call it Guano crazy is
  • I am a horrible speller
  • I’m horrible with grammar--although I have a friend who teaches English to high school students in a low income neighborhood, and she was really happy to teach me English and Grammer cause she likes it and actually appreciated the lesson (I highly recommend taking grammar lessons as an adult they are totally wasted on the young)
  • I think everyone needs a bit of random in their life.
  • I don’t sleep with a computer in my bedroom. I used to, (this is back when I tried to give up writing, and also why I wont do that again) but I woke up one morning and found this on my computer and decided it was a bad idea and I’d never do it again:
    • I feel like I am trapped somewhere in between sane and ity. And since my lip was bitten off some three miles ago, Im gonna go ahead and guess that I am closer to the latter. My bed is made out of kitten claws and lipstick, bu I have to open my eyes to get a blanket, or else risk perpetual blinding by things I would never like to see. Darkness is an absence of light rather than an absence of knowledge of whats in it.
Anything random you want to share with me? 


  1. That's some epic sleep writing. I keep my laptop next to my bed, but sadly I have never slept write.

  2. Well, hello Sara. That is an interesting family medical history you have there. Smoking and running? Salt and low blood pressure? May you all live to 100. :))

    And my dad taught middle school for thirty years. He survived. Even likes kids still. :)

  3. Awesome awesome sleep writing. I often find bits of random insanity I've written or drawn and have no, or little, knowledge of doing it. I think I live somewhere near ity...

    Curious to know why you don't count hands, feet and ribs as broken bones? Do you still not count them if they were impressive breaks and not just 'oh one little finger bone has a crack in it'?

  4. I"m going to recommend that you sleep with a computer in your room from now on because that was pure awesome. Also, you may be the new Burroughs. I think it fits.