Monday, May 7, 2012

A-Z Mirrors

Some people say spirits can be trapped in mirrors, or pictures. I’m not sure if I really believe that, or if its’ even true, I saw it on TV once. But here I am writing a post on reflecting. Specifically about reflecting on the marathon adventure that was A-Z. I think, as I reflect, I’m supposed to tell you things that I learned about myself, I’m not really sure what I’ve learned, although I know I’ve definitely learned some things.

But here is the thing about reflecting, and learning, and life (that’s a lot of things). I never learn things, until I’ve realized that I’ve learned them. Meaning, I think, that it takes me a while to actually realize I’ve learned something about myself. I’ll discover things, but I wont process them as learned, not for a while anyway. So, if you’re looking for some insight into my sprit that I learned this month, you won’t find it here. I don’t have it, and if I did, I doubt I’d give it to you anyway, I’m just like that.

So here are a few things I learned during A-Z

1) The blog community rocks. I mean it, I can’t even begin to imagine (well I did begin, but I realized how hard it would be to fully imagine so I quit imagining) how hard organizing something like this is.

a. Then, in addition to all the awesome epic organizers, we have the awesome and epic participants, who actually went through and read all of these blogs, (and I did read a few, but I didn’t make it to all of them)

2) I shouldn’t blog every day. I won’t say I can’t, cause I did, so clearly I can, but I’ll admit that my content from time to time was just not very good. Now, I’m not a perfectionist, in fact I’m very far from it. But I also really don’t like posting things and not feeling good about them, and I did this a few times throughout this blog hop/fest etc, just cause I needed something to post. I like writing my posts a few days ahead of time, I like not feeling rushed (and not having to plan to not feel rushed)

3) My job conspires to keep me incredibly busy (I already knew that)

4) I don’t do well with rules, and directions, I prefer a theme of themelessness (or word association), it’s just the way I write(I already knew this too but I don’t know if you did or not)

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  1. I can't believe you're not a rule follower!