Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Preview to Previews.

So, I have stripes on my shoulders. This is an unfortunate consequence of dating. Or perhaps, its an unfortunate consequence of wearing a lacy stripped shirt on a date when you will be outside, and not wearing sunscreen. I prefer to blame the act of dating.

Although,  the date didn't go badly. I mean, I didn't want to kill him, which is one step higher than most people I meet and date. (I really don't like people, that is until I get to know them). In fact, we are going out again tonight. I'm going to attempt to practice my social skills, and embarrass myself to the fullest extent I can imagine, I might even wear a dress.

In other news. June is going to be insane. I might have mentioned this before, but seriously, today I am saying goodbye to free-time, and sanity giving things over to a to do list, and perhaps tranquilizers (okay fine, I only wish about the tranquilizers).

In June, I'm going on a vacation/networking event, moving, two weeks of teaching civics boot camp to middle school students (back to back) then I'm in a wedding.

Lets break that down:

June 2nd: Go to Philly for a Birthday Party
June 3rd: Go to DC to run my writers group
June 3rd-7th: Go to New York for Book Expo America (why am I going to this? I really really have no idea, I was tricked, but there is also a Book Bloggers Conference which looks like fun)
June 8th: Normal work day + Set up for Belly Dance Show
June 9th: Assistant Stage Direct a Belly Dance show (again dont ask why I'm doing this...apparently I amaze people with my organizational ability)
June 10th: Move...yes, I'm moving about 2 miles from where I live now, and no I'm not packed.
June 11th-16th: Finish Moving
June 17th: Start Civics Boot Camp part 1 (move into the hotel, 14 hour days)
June 17-22nd: Civics Boot Camp part 1
June 23rd: Normal work day, lots of sleep potential unpacking
June 24th: Civics Boot Camp part 2
June 24th-28th: Civics Boot Camp part 2
June 28th: Bachlorette Party
June 29th: Half day work/Rehearsal / Rehearsal Dinner
June 30th: Wedding.

I'm really excited about BEA even if I was tricked into going, it looks like a cool networking event, and even if it isn't, the Blogger Expo should be fun, cause bloggers are my favorite people ever. However, I'm really not looking forward to the New York aspect of this, its my least favorite city ever (with exception of London), but I'll make do the best I can, even if I go to times square.

And hopefully BEA will give me a few good things to be insecure about. But perhaps this is important so that when and if I miss a post you wont worry about me...I'll be blogging from the road!

In other news, two of my favorite books are being made into movies, and the previews have been recently released, and I wanted to share them with you.

Great Gatsby: 

Okay well this trailer has gotten some flack for music choices, but I loved Mulon Rouge and I loved Romeo and Juliet, and Jack I'm super excited for this movie, and I'm a non traditionalist to the core so I guess its not surprising that I'm excited.

Les Miserable:

Now, I first read Les Mis when I was in college, studying french, and I read it in french, which probably was a mistake and I desperately need to re read it in a language I actually understand (despite four years of college french and two years in high school I'm very bad at it). But this trailer gives me chill.s

So what about you guys. Any exciting plans for June. Are you excited for Great Gatsby or Les Mis or am I alone.


  1. I can't wait for Les Mis. I'll watch any remake of that. And have fun on your date tonight. ;)

  2. I'm pretty excited for Les Mis. :)

  3. Have fun on your date...and don't forget to sleep.