Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IWSG: Thats so not funny! plus a blog award

Insecurities have never been funnier (well they probably have)
I don’t have a sense of humor. There. I’ve said it. I don’t have a sense of humor. This might come as a shock to some of you, who’ve been around for a while, and who’ve read some of my funnier posts, where I confess to things like taking a guy on a date to Costco…or telling someone their shirt feels like toilet paper. So, let me essplaine…no wait, there is too much, let me sum up. 

You see, in my family we have a pretty straight forward idea as to what is humor. It’s things like “Dude, where’s my car”, “Airplane” or ”Abbot and Costelo Hold that Ghost” 

Growing up, we didn’t have cable. Hell, sometimes we didn’t even have electricity. We did have a VCR though. So, my sister and I would memorize scenes from movies, or skits, or whatever, and re-enact them for our parents at dinner. 

My sister is a comedic genius. She had perfect timing. Perfect pitch, and even when she made a mistake she was hilarious. She could hold a softball in such a way that when she raised her hand over her head, it would drop, roll down her shoulder and hit her in the head, every time. Perfect for re-enactments of “Who’s on First?” And she could do voices. To this day I cannot do voices. 

I loved Mid-Summer’s Nights Dream (thats a comedy right) and she loved Mo Curly and Larry. 
So I grew up as the serious quiet one. I got to do the serious quiet parts in our nightly re-enactments. I got to do Wesly or Inigo Montoya while she got to do Fezik or Vinzzini (neither of us wanted to be the princess) Or I got to be Darth Vader and she would do Annikan (no one could make Luke I am your Father funnier than her) 

And my parents gave me Shakespeare board games, while she got movies. And I believed them that I wasn’t funny. That I wasn’t meant to be funny. 

Then I started this blog...and I wrote things, mostly to make myself talk about the shear absurdity of the situations I find myself in. And trust me, I find myself in some pretty damn absurd situations (like on a first date at Costco, or having my mom tell me we should have a midget follow us around and write down what we say) And I get feedback like, that made me laugh out loud, or that was entertainig, which makes me happy. But it also makes me feel like I’m living a lie, because the truth is, I’m not funny. Or I am deeply insecure about my ability to be funny. 

And I’m not sure what to do about it either. I have all of these idea’s for stories in my head, (mostly about my ridiculous family), like the time my mom and I hid my sister’s (who was dealing drugs) stash and held it ransom, so she would clean the house, so we could win a race to get free lunch...or like the time this guy thought my mom was a prostitute in Downtown Atlanta. Or the time my mom lit my neck on fire trying to get a tick off (vodka and matches do not mix on skin). 

I mean, thats comedy gold right there. But I don’t know how to write it, cause I’m not funny. Maybe I’m witty...maybe I can be witty. 

I think as a writer this is something I’m going to have to wrestle with eventually. But today is Wednesday, and more importantly it is the first Wednesday of the month, and I feel like I need fess up, for all you people out there who read this blog. The truth is, I’m not funny, and I don’t have a sense of humor. Or at least, if I am funny, I’m deeply insecure about it. 

Hope your all out there feeling secure in your insecurities. And go forth and check out Alex’s Insecure Writers Group. Here’s the Link again!

p.s. I apparently won an award. The award is for cool blogs who have less than 100 followers! (so apparently Jackie thinks I'm cool) Jackie over at Bouquet of Books. Thank you Jackie!!! 

like most awards this one comes with a few rules. They are as follows: 

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Nominate up to 5 others for the Liebster Award.
3. Let said bloggers know via comment on their blog.
4. Post the award on your blog.
5. Consider signing up for the A - Z Challenge. It's a great way to find new and interesting blogs. I'm # 615. 

So here are my five very deserving nominees 

1) Jess Stork over at Ink Spot Plot (not only is she an awesome blogger, librarian, writer, friend, she is letting me write the FAQ's for her wedding website) 
2) Tobi Summers at Chock Full of Words 
3) Elizabeth Seckman at Use Your Words
4) Gwen at Fulfilling Dreams

Plus because I feel like it, I'm going to give a few shout outs to some awesome bloggers, who if you dont follow you should be following, even if they are well over 100 followers: 

L.G. Smith at Bards and Prophets
Libby Heily  (my blogging mentor even if she doesn't know it...she's my Dr Cox) 
A Beer for the Shower  (if you think I'm funny, its only because you are not following these guys) 
Alex J Cavanaugh (if you want to know whats going on in the blogging verse)
Bobby McDaniel (because he's my roommate even if he doesnt ever blog)

Okay...I'm done now, I think...I did 5 and 5! not on purpose, but I'll stop now cause I like the symmetry. 


  1. I think those stories are very funny. Luckily, you can create funny characters and your wit and humor will shine on through them.

  2. I think humor is tricky. There's the pie in the face kind of humor and then there's also the more tragic kind that is only funny in retrospect. I think the kind of humor you have here is the sort where you just tell what happens and people laugh because they've either been through it or know someone who has. It's relatable.

    And, you know, I once pulled a post down after I'd published it because I didn't think anyone would get my sense of humor, but then I put it back up and everyone told me they thought it was funny. So who knows what's going to make someone laugh?

    Thanks for the shout out! Appreciate it. :)

  3. I have been accused several times of having a weird sense of humor. I'm happy about that. Wouldn't want to have a normal sense of humor.

    From what I read of you, you are gifted with the same. Not many people understand that though :)

    Very nice to meet you :) New follower!

  4. Everyone has a sense of humor, but we don't all express it or recognize it the same way. So, you are funny, the question is how are you funny. ;)

  5. I agree. You have a sense of humor :) It just might be different than others :)

  6. Stephen Wright is one of my favorite comedians and his style is all his own. You don't have to have the showmanship of a charismatic sister to be funny. I think you're refreshingly real and funny.
    Thanks for the award! :)

  7. Funny or not, I like your writing. (And I do think you can be very funny at times.)