Wednesday, February 22, 2012

11 things you NEVER wanted to know about me.

So, I was tagged in this 11 question thing by Jess Stork and Elizabeth rather than answering 22 questions, I decided to do 6 from Jess and 5 from Elizabeth. Plus that gave me the added option of not answering the ones that I didn't have good answers too. I'm boring you know.

1. What food can you not stand to eat?

I am a food disposal. I eat all the food. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of brain...but I'll eat it. 

2. What was your favorite book as a child?

Define Child? I Loved the Enchanted Forest Chronicles when I was in sixth grade. Prior to that I read mostly non-fiction...I loved that book about the little girl that went around with a tiger, although I might be making that up.  

3. Which author would you like to ask 11 questions? (Dead or alive.)

Hmm...probably Tolkin. 

4. If you were an evil villain, what would your villain name be? (Sorry, I kind of have villains on the brain right now.)

Puck. Probably. I like to cause mischief. 

5. What toy could you not be separated from as a child?

Outside. I don't remember being particularly attached to a particular toy. I do remember being outside, all the time. We had a swing set in the back yard, and all the neighborhood kids would come and play on it. Those were great times. That and My Little Ponies. 

6. If you woke up in the morning and found out it was a snow day/blizzard and you had the day off from work... what would you do?

Write, Read, Knit, Sleep. In some varying order. Although I would be expected to work from I dont know how much, writing/sleeping/knitting I would actually get done.

7. What is your favorite memory?

You know, I really dont have a good answer to this one. I have so many truly awesome memories, but I also dont know if they really translate well to the written I'll just throw out a few:

Doing serpantines at a canter on DD complete with flying lead changes at 13.

Taking apart the steering column of my first car because I wanted to figure out how it worked at 14

Making my mom promise to stay sober for a year, at 18.

Lauren telling me she was clean, and me believing her at 22.

Realizing my family would never be normal, but realizing I was okay with it at 26.

8. Favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving, food and family. Who could ask for more. My family is Jewish, so we dont celebrate Christmas/Easter. We do all get together for Thanksgiving though. Plus there is football, plus its always right around my birthday

9. Scariest moment in life?

I dont feel like I have a good one for this either.

Watching the river water rise, while trying to get my younger sister off the low ledge in the forest behind our house at 6.

Deciding I wasn't going home again at 16.

Going home again, after my first semester in college at 18.

Two guys/men/people trying to shove me in the back seat of a car at 22.

Moving to DC at 23.

10. Kindle or paper book?

Both. Thats an answer, right? I love my nook for commuting (on the train) but I like reading paper backs when I'm in bed.

11. If you could have only one...which would you pick...perfect weight for the rest of your life or 1 book on the best seller list?

Book on the best seller (as long as I got one guaranteed, but the potential for others you've got to be careful jins are tricky creatures.)

Now I'm supposed to tag a bunch of other people, but I'm just going to leave this open...if you want to answer the following questions go ahead. (and email me so I can link to you) if not, then dont:

1) If you could change one law, what would it be and why?
2) If you could say one thing to anyone, without any consequences, what would you say, and to whom?
3) What is your biggest fear?
4) Who is your favorite super hero?
5) What is your favorite color?
6) What is your most embarrassing moment
7) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
8) Dead or alive, who would you most want to meet?
9) If you could talk to the President (prime minister etc) what would you say?
10) If you had to have a paranormal ability or disability, what would you want to have and why?
11) If you could turn into an animal (but only one) what would you want to turn into and why?

p.s. I got called in to substitute teach "Civics Boot Camp" Sun-Thursday so if I've not been commenting, I'm sorry...12+ hour days leave me have you ever tried to teach the difference between de-regulization and decriminalization? 


  1. I read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles too. It was the first time I ever finished a book in one day. It's still one of my favorite series.

  2. I love my Nook too. But it still isn't better than an actual book. It's more convenient, but not better. :)

  3. Puck.... hmm I never would have guessed that one :) Hope the class went alright!

  4. You got your first car at age 14? I guess that explains why you took it apart.

  5. You always have the most interesting answers...

  6. You'll eat brain? Impressive. I'm not that brave! A lot of these questions were hard to answer. It was nice to learn more about you.

  7. I love your answer for #6. I've had snow days where I'd read all day on my bay window. Man, those were the days! :)