Thursday, December 22, 2011


I dont particularly like confrontation, I much prefer to be sneaky and backstabbing.

Not that I am particularly sneaky or anything, with my surplus of grace, my ER record speaks for itself.

I am also a pretty equal opportunity partier.

Growing up in Georgia, not being Christian often caused a couple of issues, especially at this time of year. In elementary schools we learned Christmas carols, not Hanukkah songs. I had kids tell me Hanukkah is a made up holiday...not to mention getting told I would go to hell, but that's not really on the point. We made Christmas cards, and Christmas ornaments.

I went along with it because well, the school wasn't set up to handle the 1% of the Jewish population, and like I had already said, I am an equal opportunity partier, what did I care that the cookie/cupcake/glitter card/etc had santa clause/christmas tree etc on it (my parents drew the line at crucifixes though), its still a cookie damn it.

However it does upset me when other people do not take such lax point of view. What kind of world do you live in if you honestly believe your's is the only holiday that exists (after all I did grow up forced to celebrate your silly holiday). But, going around and stabbing those people in the back would most likely not be viewed as a public service and would probably land me in jail or something, and for as little for as little as I like confrontation I think I will dislike prison more.

So I have decided, if I cannot stab the people who refuse to be equal opportunity partiers, and insist on voicing their refusal, I will confuse them.

If you've been reading this blog, which I hope you have, and if you haven't I am impressed with how far you've managed to go. You might have noticed I have a habit of making up words, I'm like Shakespeare that way, without the beard or the duels or the rhyming. Okay fine, I am nothing like Shakespeare. But I do like to make up words.

My newest word is Hapsmechkwanachan. Pronounced Has-me-ch-kwana-chan

It means, Christmas-kwansa-hannaka-holiday.

Not only is it fun to say, its confusing to people who are clueless...and its (mostly) all inclusive

I came up with it (I think) the other day when I was leaving Target, and someone honked at me, for crossing the street (in a crosswalk) and I yelled at them "Happy Holidays!"
They yelled back "Its Merry Christmas"
To which I replied, "Happy Hapsmechkwanachan!" and kept walking.

So in celebration of this festival season I wish you all a Happy Hapsmechkwanachan! Go forth and spread the joy, and feel free to confuse the haters with this awesome word, not only is it fun to say but its also fun to watch the confused people react.


  1. Wishing you the same. I would write it out, but I don't think I can spell it! It is never easy being in the minority, whether it is religious, political or racial.

  2. I enjoy the all inclusive lifestyle. :)

  3. Kristieinbc--Hasmakwansachan is not just a holiday, its an attitude a way of life, you cant spell it wrong.

    Libby--glad to hear it, I think everyone should