Friday, May 27, 2011

Time is of the...

So, I haven't posted in a while, mostly cause I spent the last week teaching middle schoolers how to be active and involved citizens, which was a lot of fun, just time consuming.

And this is going to be short, because time is of the essence, although I have been feeling lately, that time is always of the essence. Work deadlines, Moving deadlines, social events, etc. Sometimes I feel like I am too busy living life to actually enjoy the life I am living.

Today I have to format and print 10 documents, make sure two orders which keep being returned are shipped again, all using a printer that doesn't like to work, and staff that doesn't like to edit things.

After which I am going home to pack for my move this weekend, I also need to go furniture shopping, paint walls, buy curtains, stain wood, clean, and hopefully find time to finish the book I have been reading for several months.

And next week isn't any better, I don't have as much "work" work to do, but I have cleaners coming on Tuesday, a critique on Wednesday, then I am going out of town on Saturday coming back Sunday. Then the following week I am going out of town Monday night and coming home Tuesday evening.

Right now I just feel like I need to step back and smell the roses. So that is my goal for the weekend, between all the errands, and all the moving, and driving, and cleaning and packing, and writing, and sleeping, I want to spend about an hour reading, and at least 10 minutes doing nothing, except maybe drinking wine and listening to music.

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